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Dental Issues You Can Resolve Using Veneers

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7 months ago

The problem with your smile has nothing to do with decayed or missing teeth. The truth is that there is something about them that leaves your smile looking less than perfect. Depending on what is wrong, dental veneers could be the ideal solution. In fact, this approach works well for several common issues. Here are four examples of problems that veneers can resolve.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Your otherwise healthy teeth are now chipped or cracked. The damage occurred because of an accident. While it’s great that you did not lose any of your teeth, looking in the mirror and seeing the jagged edges doesn’t exactly make you feel happy.

Veneers can be crafted to hide all the damage. The ragged edges of the chipped space are evened out with the rest of the tooth and make it look as if no damage occurred at all. Since the veneers can be tinted to match the rest of your teeth, no one will ever know. Along with the cosmetic benefits, veneers will also add some strength to the damaged tooth and prevent the situation from becoming worse. You can also contact your trusted cosmetic dentist in Toronto to get a consultation regarding the cosmetic part of veneers.

Uneven Teeth

Your smile has never been as nice as you would like. That’s because several of your teeth are not shaped in a manner that blends in with the rest. You would love to have teeth that are even and straight, but you fear that will not happen unless you get implants or dentures.

The fact is that porcelainveneers can be used to build and even those uneven teeth so that they are similar in shape and size. You will go from having a smile that leaves you slightly embarrassed to being able to flash one that is truly attractive.

Worn Teeth

Teeth sustain quite a bit of wear and tear. It’s only natural for some of them to wear down over the years. While still healthy, they do show signs of aging. Since veneers cover teeth and can be used to hide defects, they are an ideal solution for building up worn teeth. Once the dental professional is finished with the work, your teeth will look much like they did when you were younger.

Spaces Between Teeth

There’s nothing wrong with the shade or shape of your teeth. The main complaint is the spacing. Small gaps are found in between several teeth. It would be nice if there was a way to fill in those gaps and improve your smile.

Veneers are the perfect solution. A professional can apply veneers to the teeth on each side of a gap. That helps to fill out the teeth a little and close the space. Best of all, the result is perfectly natural. Even someone who has known you all your life and is aware of the gaps will find it hard to tell which teeth are covered with the veneers.

Whatever type of dental issue you are facing, rest assured that one or more dental procedures will improve your smile. Talk with your professional dentist in North York today and find out if veneers will help you achieve the smile that you want.

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