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Dental Bridges

Our teeth are the tools that we use to perform the functions of eating and speaking. This information may sound like it’s fairly commonplace. But strangely enough, a great number of people take their teeth for granted and they often only realize what a big part their teeth actually play in keeping them healthy, after having lost a tooth. Moreover, some people are caught off guard when they loose a tooth and start to notice how this loss affects their physical appearance. Lost teeth have to be replaced, period.

People can loose their teeth in car accidents or other types of accidents, due to medical conditions and (of course) nature can also take it’s toll. For any lost teeth, you need to see a trusted dentist in your neighbourhood as soon as you can; to find out which options they recommend for replacing your teeth. Dental bridges can do wonders if you need teeth replaced.

Is a Dental Bridge the Best Solution?

Dental bridges offer the ideal solution for creating a bridge that supports your smile and your face structure. They are the go-to option for replacing lost teeth.

Bridges can make sure that your jaws lock into place correctly while you are chewing your food. This, in turn, ensures that your other teeth don’t become misaligned.

Fixed bridges can improve your dental health as well as your physical appearance. They are used to create a beautiful smile that is uniform in every aspect. And, to boot, dental bridges can help out with eating and speech difficulties.

Removable bridges are another option for restoring a broken smile. But fixed bridges are more reliable as far as stability is concerned.

Your dental bridge will be designed to achieve the perfect construction of a naturally uniform smile. What will you be left with? The answer is: cosmetic excellence along with a functional restoration.

North York Smile Center

At North York Smile Center, we care for your smile!

As a trusted dentist in your neighborhood, we can help you out with any questions you may have about getting a new dental bridge. If you’ve lost a tooth, get in touch with us now!

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