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CEREC Treatment

Modern CEREC technology allows us to restore a damaged tooth with a crown or only in just one visit. After taking an optical image of your damaged tooth, the computer then designs and creates a precise restoration that is extremely durable and made of naturally-coloured, biocompatible material.

Ceramic restoration is a form of reconstructive dentistry that has been around since the latter 1980s. Over time, the treatment process has evolved with the aid of increasingly sophisticated computer aided design. When you have a condition that can be treated using CEREC, this is what will happen.

First, we will conduct a full dental exam. This ensures that CEREC is the best course of treatment for you. Based on the results, we will prepare you for the procedure. This includes going over what we will do and the results you can expect.

Next, we will take an optical impression of the tooth. Instead of having you bite into a tray and hold it until the matter hardens, we will coat your tooth with a tasteless powder. Once the powder is settled on the surface of your tooth, we will use a digital camera to take a series of images. The powder allows us to take those digital image of the tooth after just a minute or two. Once the images are taken, the powder can be rinsed away with ease.

Last, we prepare the cap, veneer, or crown in North York for your tooth. This is done by using a ceramic block matching the hue of your teeth. The block is shaped using a milling machine and will perfect match the contours. That’s important since you want the restored tooth to blend in with the rest. The preparation and installation time will take no more than 20 minutes in most cases. There is no fitting a temporary and returning for a permanent crown or veneer.

Call us today and make an appointment. With the aid of CEREC, improving your smile could take less time than the typical lunch hour.

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