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Dental Implants


For most of us, the thought of losing our teeth conjures up one single image - dentures floating in a glass. It can be a traumatic and debilitating experience. Dental implants offer simple and affordable solutions for replacing your missing teeth.

Getting dental implants is a fairly involved process that requires multiple visits in order to make sure that the artificial tooth bonds correctly to your jaw. However, once you have a dentist you know you can trust, the procedure itself simply requires patience. The implant process may require multiple steps, but it involves little pain and discomfort for the patient.

What are implants?

In the early 1950’s, a Swedish scientist observed that titanium could actually bond to bone (a process called osseointegration). This discovery led to the use of implants. An implant is a permanent tooth replacement, made from titanium, that bonds to the jaw much like the root of the natural tooth. Once in place, it looks, feels and functions like the tooth as well. For the first time, teeth could be replaced permanently and comfortably. Three decades after the first dental implants were placed in patients, they still function perfectly. And since then, hundreds of thousands of patients have had missing teeth replaced by implants.

The benefits

Implants offer an excellent solution for people who have loose, poorly fitting entures. With implants, there is no longer a need for fixodents and denture adhesives. Foods like apples and corn on the cob can be eaten with confidence. You will no longer have to worry about your teeth falling out in public. Implants can restore the function, appearance, security and confidence that people with natural teeth take for granted. Implants are also an excellent option to consider when replacing a single tooth. They restore function and appearance without compromising the other healthy teeth in the patient’s mouth. The vast majority of the population are good candidates for implants. Only those who are suffering from major diseases, or patients who lack sufficient bone for placement may be exempt. Age does not seem to be a factor; in fact, implants offer a welcome alternative for elderly patients who have suffered with ill-fitting dentures for years.

Faster with less discomfort

Traditional permanent dental implant procedures may require up to a year to complete, and often involve numerous visits to your dentist or treatment coordinator. Today’s modern technology allows most patients to get dental implants quickly and painlessly. In some cases the transition from missing teeth to new permanent teeth can be accomplished in one day, sometimes in just one hour. New procedures are less invasive and therefore less painful. These new procedures have considerably shorter recovery times. Patients are often able to eat and smile soon after completing the procedure with very little interruption to their normal lives.


These newer procedures are not only faster and less invasive, they often lead to more affordable options for you, giving you the opportunity to have a natural, secure and lifelong smile again.

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