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4 Questions about Teeth in a Day Your Dentist Can Answer

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8 months ago

You’ve already decided that dentures are not for you. Now you are wondering if implants are the right solution. There’s actually more than one approach to implants that your dental professional will want to to discuss. If you’ve never heard of teeth in a day in Markham, these four questions should be part of the conversation.

What is Teeth in a Day?

Sometimes referred to as all on four implants, the Teeth in a Day approach involves inserting four implants that are strategically placed along the upper or lower jaw. A customized dental plate fashioned to look like a set of upper or lower teeth is attached to those four implants. That plate is made to be the perfect proportion for your mouth, so the look is perfectly natural.

There is no need to insert the implants and wait any amount of time to attach the plate. Everything can be done within a matter of hours. When you have one of the Markham-Stouffville dentists perform this procedure, you could literally walk into the clinic without teeth in the morning and leave that afternoon with a full set.

How Can This Implant Surgery Be Done So Quickly?

The all on four solution does not require inserting an implant to replace each tooth. The series of four holds the custom plate in position firmly. Since the process for insertion involves punching a hole to insert an implant instead of making an incision, the four implants are in position a lot faster. Once they are tested to ensure each implant is firmly in place, attaching the plate will take very little time.

Will I Be Awake During the Procedure?

Any patient who undergoes this type if implant procedure will receive some kind of local anesthetic. Depending on factors like your level of anxiety, the dental surgeon may also administer some sort of sedation to keep you more comfortable. Most patients are not completely asleep, so they still respond to any instructions from the dental team. However, you are highly unlikely to remember anything about the actual procedure.

Is there Much Pain in the Days After I Get the Implants?

You may experience some minor swelling and soreness in the days immediately after the surgery. Some dental professionals provide prescriptions for pain relievers. It’s not unusual for a mild antibiotic to also be provided. In some cases, the dentist may recommend using an over the counter product to ease inflammation.

Prescription medication should only be taken as directed. In the case of over the counter products, stick with the ones recommended by the dentist. If the swelling is not subsiding after a few days, call the dental clinic. You may need something stronger to ease the inflammation.

Teeth in a Day has proven to be a great solution for many patients. If you think this might be right for you, talk with your dentist today. Assuming that there are no factors to complicate the process, a beautiful set of teeth will be yours in almost no time.

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