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Things to Know About Adult Braces

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7 months ago

Braces were not an option when you were a child. Now that you are an adult and can afford them, it’s time to listen to the dentist and get them. If you are like most people, there are a few perceptions about adult braces that need to be addressed. Here are four things you should know now.

They Don’t Hurt

It’s true that you will experience a little soreness the first few days. Many people find that taking an over the counter pain reliever is all that’s needed to control the discomfort. Once you get through this period, the braces are highly unlikely to trigger any pain at all. In fact, you may even forget that you are wearing them until it’s time to see the dentist and have them adjusted.

There is More Than One Choice

Perhaps you have visions of the metal braces so many of your friends wore when they were young. Those are still around, but there are plenty of other choices. In fact, there are some that are almost impossible to detect.

Depending on the amount of straightening that must be done, you could be a prime candidate for the invisible braces on the market today. They are tinted to blend in with your teeth and have less of an impact on your appearance. People who hesitate to get braces as adults often find this solution is perfect, since they do blend in so easily.

You May Not Have to Wear Them That Long

Thanks to the advances in cosmetic dentistry, it’s possible that you may not have to wear the braces for several years. It may take no more than a year or so until the teeth are straight and strong. Your dentist will examine your teeth and provide a good idea of how long you will need them. There’s a good chance that the time estimate will be shorter than you expected.

The Results Last the Rest of Your Life

It’s true that adult braces are a bit of a bother for a short time. What you need to focus on is the long haul. Once the work is completed and the braces are removed, you can look forward to sporting a beautiful smile for the rest of your life. Instead of hiding crooked teeth behind a napkin when you want to laugh, feel free to grin, smile, and laugh as much as you like. Wouldn’t a little inconvenience now be worth all those benefits in the future?

If you have wondered what braces could do for you, now is the time to find a North York family dentist and have a discussion. Start by looking for answers to the question “which dentists near me specialize in adult braces?” Once you have an answer, schedule a consultation and go over the options. It won’t take long to settle on the right solution and be on your way to having the smile you’ve always wanted.

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