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Tips for Getting All-on-4 Dental Implants

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8 months ago

Dental implants are the best solution for you. Now the focus shifts to determining whether you want individual implants or if all on 4 dental implants in Toronto will be the right option. Before you make a decision, consider these important tips that will help you work toward getting all on four implants.

Compare the Implants to Other Solutions

There may be more than one approach that would be equally beneficial. Your job is to learn all you can about all possible solutions before settling on the course of treatment. For example, would a crown in North York or two solve your dental issue and allow you to keep your natural teeth for another decade or so? Is there some reason why individual dental implants in North York would be best? Once you have answers to those questions, you will know if pursuing all on four implants is the right move.

How’s Your Bone Structure?

The integrity of your bone structure will determine if this particular solution is right for you. Unless there is evidence that the jaws, including the back areas where two of the implants will reside, is strong enough to hold everything in place, getting the work done right now is not possible. Assuming a bone graft or some other surgical procedure would improve the strength of the jaw bones, you may be able to get the implants later. Only you and your dental professional can decide if that’s an option.

The Process Will Require at Least Two Appointments

It’s not unusual for the process to take at least two appointments. The first will be more of a preparatory visit. Any natural teeth that require removal will be extracted. Based on how you are doing and what the scans show, the dental professional may go ahead and insert the four implants. If that’s the case, a temporary plate will be adhered to the implants.

The second visit will focus on the installation of the permanent plate. All the necessary measurements for the permanent plate are taken during the first visit. The temporary plate is removed and the dentist examines the area around the four implants. If everything has healed properly and there are no signs of inflammation, the permanent plate is attached and you are ready to go.

Your Age and General Health Matter

While bone density and strength is a primary concern, your age and general health is also something the dental professional will explore. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, younger people are encouraged to get individual implants instead. If you have certain health issues that are likely to weaken the jaw bones in the years to come, traditional implants may also be recommended.

Your Dental Expert Could Stop the Procedure Any Time

Even with all the advance preparation, the dental professional may begin the procedure and then stop. That’s because some issue not detected by the scans and other testing is discovered. Since the focus is always on your dental health, the professional will want to resolve that issue before proceeding.

Always Find Out About the Level of Practical Experience

One final tip is to find out what sort of practical experience the North York family dentists you are considering have with this type of procedure. Many clinics advertise all on four implants but have only completed a few procedures. Before you go through with anything, make sure you are comfortable with the level of experience the professional can provide.

As with most health related procedures, all on four implants is not something to settle on at the spur of the moment. Learn the facts, make sure you are a good candidate, and take things from there. In the long run, you’ll be happier with the results.

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