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Change Smile with All-on-Four Dental Implants

The fact that your natural teeth are all gone does not mean you have to spend the rest of your life pursing your lips. There are alternatives that will allow you to keep smiling and flash a brilliant set of teeth every time. One solution you should consider closely is known as all on four implants. Here is some information about this option and why it will change your smile in all the right ways.

What is All on Four?

All on Four is an implant solution that can be completed in a single day. The process involves strategically placing four implants to hold an upper or lower dental plate. The plate looks just like a full set of upper or lower teeth.

Many people ask “when is all on 4 the best option?” Anyone who no longer has natural teeth is a candidate for this solution. Patients who would have to undergo a series of procedures before getting individual implants can often go with All on Four with a minimum of preparation. Anyone who has difficulty with conventional dentures will also find this solution to be the best approach.

How is This Better For Me Than Individual Implants?

Individual implants are great, but they do take a longer period to complete. It’s possible to spend weeks or months going through a cycle of installing the implants, being fitted with temporary caps, and then returning to receive the permanent caps. In between each cycle, it’s necessary to allow time for any swelling to subside and for the gums to heal.

By contrast, opting for All on Four implants means you will have the implants and temporary dental plates in position during a single visit. You will go back in a few days to receive the permanent plates. The recovery period is considerably shorter and you can literally go into the office with no teeth and emerge with a full set.

Will I Like Them Better Than Dentures?

Many people find that they prefer All on Four implants to traditional dentures. There is no need to remove them at the end of the day. You don’t have to purchase messy adhesives, and forget about having to soak the plates. Since the All on Four solution allows you to brush and use mouthwash like you did in years past, the daily dental hygiene routine is less complicated.

All on four implants also feel better to many patients. With nothing to rub against the gums, you can forget about sore spots. The fact they stay in place so easily also means you can eat what you like, smile as much as you want, and in general forget you have anything other than natural teeth.

What About the Expense?

It’s true that the All on Four cost that you pay up front may be a little more than other solutions. That is more than offset by the savings in the years to come. You could go the rest of your life without having to replace the dental plates. You certainly save money on dental hygiene supplies in comparison to traditional dentures.

Will They Last Longer Than Other Choices?

With reasonable care, All on Four in North York should last much longer than an average set of dentures. Repairs to the plates are relatively easy, and they will hold up to a lot of wear.

Can I Expect Any Issues?

All on Four problems are few and far between. There is the possibility of damaging plate, just as you could crack a real tooth. In general, any issues that arise can be remedied with a quick visit to a dental professional.

Is this the solution for you? Talk with your dentist today. It won’t take long to make the right decision.

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