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The Most Popular Dental Procedures in Canada

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7 months ago

Organizations from the Canadian Dental Association to professional associations in each province track statistics related to dental care. That includes data indicating how many patients opted for Toronto dental implants over the course of year, or how often dentists treat patients for cavities. The data makes it possible to determine what sort of dental procedures are popular throughout the country. Here are a few of the procedures that consistently remain popular from year to year.


Dental fillings are essential when tooth decay strikes. The dentist removes the decayed portion and fills in the cavity using some type of filling. Depending on type of tooth, the dentist may add a crown to provide additional strength to the weakened tooth. In the past, metal fillings were common. Today, materials that can be tinted to blend in with the natural hue of the teeth are more poplar.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening treatments are helpful in restoring a more natural shade to the teeth. Some people think these treatments are only for those who have practiced poor dental hygiene or who have used tobacco products. In fact, there are beverages and all sorts of other causes that could yellow the teeth. Thanks to whitening treatments administered under the care of a dental professional, it is possible to make teeth look brighter again.

Veneers and Crowns

Accidents happen and they sometimes leave cracked or broken teeth. A North York dentist may use a combination of veneers and crowns to restore the appearance and strength of the tooth. Veneers help to cover cracks while crowns can replace sections along the top of the tooth that were lost. as with fillings, these treatments can be tinted to match the shade of the damaged tooth and the surrounding teeth.

Individual Dental Implants

The basic dental implant is a great replacement for a lost tooth. The implant is positioned in the socket formerly filled by the tooth. It’s capped with a crown shaped to resemble the missing tooth. Once in place, the implant will last for decades. It’s also possible to use several Toronto dental implants to fill gaps or to replace random teeth that are too damaged to repair.

All on Four Implants

Individual implants are not the only solution open to patients. There is also All-on-Four dental procedure in Toronto that make it possible to replace an entire upper or lower set of teeth. Toronto dental implants of this type involve inserting four upper or lower implants into the bone. A dental plate resembling a set of upper or lower teeth is attached to those four posts or implants. Once the work is done, the patient has what appears to be a full set of healthy teeth. Like their individual counterparts, the All on Four implants will last for a long time.

Teeth Bonding

Gaps between teeth can distract from the smile. Teeth bonding helps to fill in those gaps and still ensure the teeth are in proper proportion. The bonding material is tinted to blend in with the teeth, resulting in a beautiful smile.

Would you benefit from replacing a damaged tooth with a dental implant? What would whitening treatments do for you? How about opting for All-on-Four procedures to replace your natural teeth? Whatever type of dental care you need, there is a dental clinic out there who can provide the support that you are seeking.

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