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Ask Your Mississauga Dentist These Questions about Dental Surgery

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While Mississauga dentists have many different ways to restore natural teeth, there are times when attempting to salvage a tooth is not in the best interests of the patient. That’s when the prospect of investing in dental implants is worth considering. Before any decision is made, your dentist will want to discuss the process and help you understand how things will proceed. Here are some of the more important questions you will want to ask during that conversation.

How Do You Determine If I’m a Candidate for Implants?

Not everyone is an immediate candidate for dental implants. All Mississauga dentists conduct thorough examinations to determine if this procedure is right for the patient. The screening and exam process includes an overall examination of the gums, screening for signs of cancer, a bite evaluation, and the shape and size of the bone. Even the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) function is checked.

The goal is to determine that there are no issues present that would complicate the procedure, and that the bone and gum tissue would provide adequate support for the implants.Assuming there are no issues to resolve first, the next step will be to decide which type of implants would be best.

Is One Implant Type Better Than the Other?

With implants, it’s not a matter of one type offering greater benefits over the other. It’s more about determining which approach is best in your particular situation. Perhaps individual implants would be more effective. At other times, an option known as All on Four implants would work better.If both approaches are viable for a patient, most Mississauga dentists will go over each one in detail. That makes it easier to make an informed decision.

How Long Will It Take to Complete the Surgery?

The time your Mississauga dentist will need to complete the procedure does depend on what sort of preparation is required and the type of implant you will receive. If there is some complicating factor present, it could take days or weeks to correct the issue. In the interim, the dentist will ensure everything is ready for the actual procedure.

Mississauga dentists who are installing only a few individual implants may be able to take care of all of them in a single visit. If you are having all or most of your teeth replaced with individual implants, the process could take weeks or even months to complete.

The solution known as All on Four implants requires less time. Sometimes called Teeth in a Day, you can literally walk into the dental clinic with no teeth and emerge with a full set.

What Should I Expect in the Days Immediately Following the Procedure?

There is a recovery period with all types of dental implants. Expect some soreness and inflammation. Mississauga dentists provide instructions on what to eat, how to manage the pain, and what sort of improvement you should see in the next few days.

Will The Implants Ever Need Replacing?

Short of some type of accident, Mississauga dentists typically tell patients the implants could last for decades. Under normal circumstances, you should need nothing more than regular dental visits and possibly replacing a cap or two at some point.

If your Mississauga dentist believes implants are the right solution, go over all the details first and make sure you understand what is involved. Doing so will help you prepare for the procedure, know what to do after you leave the dental clinic, and what to expect from those implants in the years to come.

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