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Ten Reasons You Might Need an Emergency Dentist

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8 months ago

Not all denture issues arise during normal working hours. That’s why some dentists offer dental emergency services. If you are not sure what constitutes a dental emergency, here are some examples that will help you know when it’s better to seek help now rather than waiting for the clinic to open the next business morning.

1. Cracked Tooth

If you should be in an accident and crack a tooth, the pain can be significant. That tooth needs attention quickly, since the crack could continue to expand. Swift action reduces the odds of losing the tooth and needing more than a veneer and crown.

2. Chipped Tooth

Depending on the severity of the chip, there could be nerves exposed. The chip could also allow for bacteria to begin breaking down the rest of the tooth. Emergency help will make it easier to add a crown and prevent the damage from getting worse.

3. Aching Tooth

You wake up on a Saturday morning and a tooth is aching. No home remedy seems to ease the discomfort. You can see anything to indicate why you are in pain. Instead of suffering for two days, seek emergence dental health now.

4. Swelling Along the Gum

Sudden swelling under a tooth indicates some sort of infection. Even if it seems to go away and then come back, you need to have it checked quickly. Emergency dental help will mean clearing up the infection and prevent it from spreading.

5. Tongue Pain

An aching in the tongue may happen because you accidentally bit it, or it can mean an infection or an early warning sign of tongue cancer. The sooner you see someone and and find out what’s wrong, the sooner you can rule out any life-threatening cause. An emergency dentist in North York can quickly identify the origin of the pain and take the measures necessary to contain the situation.

6. Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums may be a sign of a nutritional imbalance of be an early sign of a serious oral condition. This is especially true if the bleeding will not stop. Emergency help will determine the reason for the bleeding and allow you to begin treatments that correct the situation.

7. Loose Teeth

If a fall leaves you with one or more loose teeth, don’t assume they will settle back in place easily. Emergency dental attention minimizes the chances that the tooth will loosen further or that you might lose it.

8. Lumps in the Mouth

Lumps on the gums, the roof of the mouth, or the soft tissue under the tongue should not be ignored. If you wake up with lumps, get in touch with your family dentist at once. You may need emergency help at a local hospital emergency room, or at least require a quick visit to a local dental clinic that is open every day.

9. Suddenly Sensitive Teeth

Your teeth are not normally sensitive to hot and cold beverages, but today is an exception. The pain is almost more than you can bear. Emergency dental treatment will identify the reason and make it possible for you to know what it will take to correct the problem. You will also get some ideas on how to avoid the pain.

10. A Filling Falls Out

When a filling falls out, you could be exposing the nerve and running the risk of needing more than a replacement filling. Seeking help immediately prevents damage to the nerve or the root. While you are getting a new filling, ask the emergency dentist about getting a crown soon.

If your dentist does not offer emergency services, find out where he or she refers emergency cases. Knowing which clinics are open after hours will allow you to receive the help you need now and avoid quite a bit of pain.

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