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Why Is It Important to Get Teeth Cleaned?

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There's no doubt that a good dental cleaning provides you with a pleasant sensation in the mouth. The thing that some people don’t understand about cleanings is that they do quite a bit of good for your general dental health. They can even help reduce the risk of a dental problem trigging some other type of medical issue. If you’ve been less than diligent with having a dental cleaning two or more times a year, here are some facts that will provide incentive to get back into the habit.

Reduces The Risk of Tooth Decay

One of the things that happen during a dental cleaning in Toronto is that plaque is removed from the teeth. Plaque is a buildup that can coat the surface of the teeth and settle in the tiny spaces in between them. Over time, plaque can increase the odds of tooth decay developing.

By choosing to have some type of dental cleaning, you ensure the plaque along with other residue is removed. With nothing on the surfaces or in between your teeth to allow bacteria to breed, there is less chance for decay to occur. You still need to be mindful of what you eat and brush after meals, but the cleaning will certainly improve the odds that your teeth remain healthy.

There is actually more than one type of cleaning. So what is the difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning? Think of a deep cleaning as going a little further in terms of examining the teeth and gums, and checking for any removing any residue that may have settled below the gum line. That will involve taking a set of X-rays before beginning the procedure and taking a second set after the cleaning is finished. Doing so ensures that whatever was lurking below the gum line is completely removed.

Preventing Gum Recession

A thorough dental cleaning is important for your gums as well as your teeth. Since residue can trigger a number of issues, getting rid of any buildup helps prevent those conditions from developing. Gum recession is a prime example.

Receding gums are serious for more than one reason. One has to do with destabilizing your teeth. Without the support of healthy gums, your teeth could begin to lean. They may even become loose. Those are issues you want to avoid. Since a cleaning helps to minimize the odds of recession by removing residue and giving the dental professional a change to check the teeth, this is one problem you are not likely to experience.

There may be the need for a deep cleaning that gets below the gum line. In this scenario, does a dental cleaning hurt? The answer is no. If your teeth and gums are somewhat sensitive, you may receive something to deaden the gums. That will take care of any discomfort that might occur.

Less Change of Gum Disease

You can bet that choosing to have a professional clean your teeth a couple of times each year will reduce the risk of developing any type of gum disease. That’s important since some of those conditions can trigger quite a bit of pain. The time and money you invest in the cleaning is easily repaid thanks to avoiding diseases that would cost quite a bit to remedy and not having to deal with the discomfort. See the dental cleaning cost as a proactive way to protect your dental health in general.

Minimize the Potential for a Gum Infection

The cleaning also reduces your chances of developing some type of gum infection. An infection may be something that can be cleared up with medication, but do you really want to go through the discomfort, the sensitivity, and other symptoms that accompany the infection? A better solution is to have your teeth cleaned on a regular basis and increase the odds of not developing an infection in the first place.

Make It Easier to Spot Tooth Damage

Removing plaque, tartar, and other residue from the teeth makes it all the easier to determine if there is any type of damage to the teeth. While as large fracture would likely be visible anyway, the same cannot be said for tiny cracks hidden under the plaque. It’s only after you have the dental cleaning that the team can really determine if there are any cracks, signs of enamel erosion, and other issues that need immediate attention.

Remember that identifying and correcting dental problems early on increases the chances of being able to keep your teeth well into your later years. By having the teeth cleaned, you remove one of the obstacles to spotting a problem. That in turn means you can take steps to correct it before the issue requires more comprehensive treatment or creates another dental issue.

Spot Any Signs of Gum or Tongue Discoloration

Even as the teeth are being cleaned, the dental professional is making a note of the appearance of the tongue and the gums. One of the things the professional will be monitoring is any areas that are discolored. That’s because anything other than normal shading on the teeth and gums could indicate that a problem is developing.

For example, the hygienist managing the dental cleaning procedure notices unusually light spots along the gums. While it may be nothing, the spots are worth noting. Once the cleaning is completed, the dentist can take a look and determine if there is the need to conduct tests and maybe begin some sort of treatment.

So what is included in dental cleaning? Removing plaque, tartar, and other residue from your teeth, checking for residue just below the gum line, and making sure your gums and tongue show no signs of oral ailments. These benefits certainly make the time spent on a cleaning worth it.

Brighten Your Smile

Along with all of the medical benefits associated with a dental cleaning, there is the fact that the procedure does make your smile look a lot better. Even if your teeth are perfectly straight, plaque and other buildup leave them with a yellowish appearance. That is only highlighted when brushing removes a lot of the buildup from the surfaces but leaves residue around the gum line and between your teeth.

A cleaning gets rid of the buildup that’s left after you brush and floss. Instead of mainly white teeth with a little yellow around the edges, you end up with teeth that are as bright as possible. That will only mean good things for your smile.

Freshen Your Breath

All types of dental cleaning will have a positive impact on your breath. Removing residue from your teeth, the gums, and even your tongue get rid of bacteria that’s causing your breath to be less than fresh. That’s bound to have a positive impact on your relationships with friends, family, and even coworkers.

Remember the fresh sensation you get after a cleaning? That’s because the bacteria causing the stale feeling is gone. With nothing there to generate the unpleasant odor, your mouth feels and even smells clean. Think of it as having the fresh sensation that’s present after brushing on a much larger scale. Along with great breath, you also get to enjoy that tingling sensation for a lot longer.

Correct Dental Issues That Could Complicate Other Medical Care

Since the cleaning makes it much easier to identify the presence of any type of dental issue, it makes sense to have at least a couple each year. You may even want to have more than two depending on what is happening with your general health. The last thing you need is for a dental issue to complicate your health in general.

So, consider dental cleaning from your dentists in North York if you are planning a dental surgery . The cleaning ensures that there is not a dental problem present that could pave the way for some sort of infection elsewhere in the body. That’s one less situation that could cause a problem with the pregnancy. In this scenario, see the cleaning as a way to protect you and your unborn child.

Maybe you have a health issue that can be corrected with some type of surgical procedure. You definitely want to make sure there is no gum infection present that could complicate the surgery or slow your recovery. In this instance, opting for a dental cleaning before surgery means one less potential complication and a better chance of recovering sooner rather than later.

When was the last time you had a dental cleaning? Are you having trouble remembering? If that’s the case, it’s likely been more than a year. Now is the perfect time to call the dental clinic and schedule a cleaning. At the very least, you end up with fresh breath and the good news that all is well with your teeth and gums. Should the dental team spot an issue during the cleaning, you have the chance to undergo a procedure and correct it before the problem gets out of hand.

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