Dr. Camila Villarreal - Expert in Comprehensive Dental Care

Why Dentistry?

Dr. Camila Villarreal's journey into dentistry was motivated by her profound desire to make a positive impact on people's lives through oral health. Her early experiences in South America inspired her to pursue a career where she could provide essential dental care to underserved communities and improve their overall well-being.


Originally hailing from Colombia, Dr. Camila Villarreal embarked on her path to dentistry with great dedication. In 2015, she graduated with honours, achieving her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from St. Thomas University. This marked the beginning of her commitment to the field of dentistry.

Eager to expand her horizons and bring her skills to a broader audience, Dr. Villarreal decided to make Canada her new home. She successfully completed the rigorous National Dental Examining Board equivalency process, allowing her to practice dentistry in Canada. Currently, she is a proud member of the Canadian Dental Association and the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, demonstrating her commitment to upholding the highest professional standards.

Specializations and Services

Dr. Camila Villarreal's dedication to providing exceptional dental care is evident in her commitment to expanding her skill set. After her graduation, she embarked on a one-year residency program focused on serving underserved communities in South America. What sets her apart is her collaborative spirit, as she shared this experience with her sister, who is also a dentist. Together, they provided vital dental services to those in need, improving oral health and overall quality of life.

Dr. Villarreal's expertise extends to a wide range of dental services, encompassing general dentistry and a strong focus on surgical procedures. Her dedication to patient well-being and her diverse background make her a trusted dental professional dedicated to enhancing oral health and smiles in Canada.

In summary, Dr. Camila Villarreal's journey from Colombia to Canada reflects her unwavering commitment to dentistry and her desire to make a difference in underserved communities. Her education, dedication to professional excellence, and extensive experience in surgical procedures make her a valued member of the dental community, devoted to enhancing the oral health of her patients.


See what our patients are saying:


I recently had the pleasure of being treated by Dr. Camila Villarreal, and I couldn't be more impressed. Dr. Villarreal's expertise in dentistry is genuinely remarkable. She recently performed a dental procedure for me, and her attention to detail and patient-centred approach were evident throughout. I highly recommend Dr. Villarreal to anyone in search of top-quality dental care.


Dr. Villarreal is an exceptional dentist who goes above and beyond for her patients. I recently visited her for a dental issue; her skill and professionalism were outstanding. She took the time to explain the procedure, making me feel at ease. Dr. Villarreal is a true expert in her field, and I'm grateful for her excellent care.


I recently underwent a dental procedure with Dr. Camila Villarreal, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Her commitment to providing the best possible care is evident in every aspect of her practice. Dr. Villarreal's friendly and compassionate approach sets her apart. I highly recommend her for all your dental needs.


I've been a patient of Dr. Camila Villarreal for my dental needs, and I can confidently say she's one of the best dentists I've ever had. Dr. Villarreal recently performed a dental procedure for me, and her precision and attention to detail were remarkable. She ensures her patients are comfortable and well-informed throughout the process. I highly recommend Dr. Villarreal for top-tier dental care.


I recently visited Dr. Villarreal for a dental procedure, and I was thoroughly impressed with her expertise and patient-centred approach. She took the time to explain everything and made sure I felt comfortable. Dr. Villarreal is an excellent dentist, and I trust her completely with my dental care.


I underwent a dental implant procedure with her, and the results exceeded my expectations. Dr. Villarreal's precision and dedication to patient comfort make her a standout in the field. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking top-quality dental care.


Dr. Villarreal performed a teeth whitening procedure for me - the results were outstanding. Dr. Villarreal's friendly demeanour and commitment to delivering top-quality care make every visit a positive experience. I highly recommend her for all your dental needs.


Dr. Villarreal is an exceptional dentist who genuinely cares about her patients. Her expertise in various dental procedures is evident in the outstanding care she provides. I recently had a dental issue, and Dr. Villarreal's skill and attention to detail were remarkable. She's a trusted and skilled dentist, and I highly recommend her.


I visited Dr. Camila Villarreal for a dental implant procedure and couldn't be happier with the outcome. Her expertise and commitment to providing exceptional care are awe-inspiring. Dr. Villarreal ensures her patients are comfortable and well-informed throughout the process. I'm grateful to have her as my dentist.


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